Institute will encourage and develop the art and science of Practicing Professional in Nigeria.

  • Educating and promote the value that Practising Professionals add to their different organizations, professions, communities, and the country as a whole.
  • Providing and promote a comprehensive professional education and development opportunities; standards and other professional practice guidance; and certification programs.
  • Building an International bridge between Public, Private and organized sectors of the economy to benchmark the global practices.
  • Advocating strategies objective to identify and work with good individuals, institutional and a corporate role Models to demonstrate why the business community, the private sector and the public sector need to, and should utilize Practicing Professionals as a part of their business life and development.
  • Educating, and promote Practicing Etiquette, conduct and approach to Practising issues.
  • Providing opportunities for professional’s growth and development for practitioners and conducting research and investigation on practising issues.
  • Cooperation and fellowship in private and public sector will be strongly encouraged.
  • Africa conference on the world challenged issues and problems on professionals practices will be held yearly.
  • Improving education in farming communities, Organizing farmer training programs and academic programs across the country to enrich the knowledge of the masses.
  • World Class Networking of professionals within different field and across Africa (Professional Icon Of Africa) will be strengthening.

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