• IPPN is a registered multidisciplinary professional body in Nigeria that outstanding professionals anywhere in the world can belong to.


  • IPPN is the ultimate organization for elite and distinguished professionals dedicated to enhancing global professional excellence.


  • IPPN is a learning and professional institution designed to train, professionalize and develop a sophisticated professionals.


  • IPPN membership help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive labour market.


  • IPPN operates with the highest standard under a code of professional conduct showing that our members are responsible member of a practising professional body.



  • IPPN - one institute, many benefits with IPPN membership.


  • IPPN brings to the fore the importance of know -how as well as experience in knowing where to tap in ...


  • IPPN is the second largest practising professional institution in the world with over  fifty thousands sophisticated professionals members across African Continent.



  • IPPN membership place you on a platform among the "PROFESSIONALS ICON OF AFRICA"


  • IPPN- We are the dream, we are the future, we are the nation, we are proud of it.... building a generation of sophisticated professionals.



  • IPPN is a Member of International Federation of Dental Educators and Associations. 


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